9 creative things to do with your digital pet portrait

Hi, in this blog I am going to outline where you should start with your digital pet portrait, how to take a good pet photo with your phone and make my top 9 suggestions of how and where you can use your custom pet portrait.


How do you make a digital pet portrait?

Creating your pet portrait begins with taking good quality photos. This will serve as a reference point or the base for your portrait, perfectly capturing your pet's features and personality. Using digital art software like Adobe Photoshop (Affinity is a good alternative to Photoshop), Procreate (great for iPads), or Corel Draw, you can craft your very own pet art, sketching and refining your portrait as you go, paying attention to details such as the eyes, fur texture and colour accuracy.

There are so many styles you can choose from, from cartoon to painterly and pencils to pastels. Or you can keep it as a photograph.

Once your digital portrait is done, it can be printed on a wide range of products such as wall art, greetings cards, mugs and blankets.

Whether it's going to be displayed on the wall as a big canvas print or carried around on a phone case, your personalised pet portrait adds a touch of sentimentality to the space or accessory, making them a wonderful keepsake for years to come. 

All you need to decide is if you want to spend time learning and experimenting with creative software or choose an artist you like to create it for you.

How do I take a good pet portrait on my phone?

Find good lighting:

Natural light is often the best light for photography. Soft, diffused light, such as overcast days or during the golden hour (the hour after sunrise or before sunset) when the sun is low in the sky. Try to position your pet so they are facing towards the light source.

Avoid direct sunlight - it creates too much contrast, with very dark shadows and too bright areas, or dim conditions, which can result in grainy images and little detail.

Don't use the digital zoom:

Smartphone cameras allow you to zoom in on your subject but this feature results in a loss of quality. Move physically closer if you can and consider cropping your photo when editing. This will ensure sharper, clearer results without loss of detail.

Focus and exposure:

Tap on the screen to set the focus and exposure on your subject. Most smartphones allow you to adjust these settings by tapping on the part of the image you want to be in focus. For a portrait shot this is going to be the eyes. Avoid using portrait mode if you want all of your subject, i.e. chest and legs, to be sharp.

Experiment with exposure levels to achieve the desired effect, especially when dealing with challenging lighting conditions. Remember - no dark shadows and no bright highlights.

Keep the phone steady:

This will avoid blurry images (although not if your pet moves while taking the shot). Use both hands to hold your phone securely or rest it on a solid surface like a table, fence or wall. Alternatively, bracing your elbows against your body also helps to keep hands and phone still.

Another tip is to press your phone's volume buttons to take the photo instead of using the screen. This should avoid moving your arm/hand too much and accidentally jerking the phone. Or even better, if you have a timer this will allow you to get into position and steady yourself before the image is taken.

Edit and enhance:

After taking the photo, use editing tools available on your phone or through third-party apps to enhance the image further. Snapseed and Polish are free; Picsart has an array of features including swapping out backgrounds; Apple Photos (pre-installed on iPhones and iPads) and Adobe Lightroom, which offer more advanced photo editing tools, are all worth a look.

Adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation, and sharpness as needed to improve the overall look of the photo.

Once you have a pet portrait that you're happy with you can upload it and order your print, wall art or product.

9 creative things you can do with your digital pet photos

1 Canvas pet print

colourful dog picture with 2 dachshunds on a canvas print hanging on living room wall

The textured canvas weave adds a layer of visual interest to your artwork. It softens any imperfections so is more forgiving if you want to go large.

2 Personalised pet picture phone case

personalised dog picture on mobile phone case

Perfect if you want to customise the one device you carry everywhere.

3 Greetings cards

colourful pet protraits from photos on personalised greetings cards

We all love to receive cards. The emotional response to opening a card is far higher than receiving a text or email. For some it feels like they're getting a gift because the card is so beautiful and touching.

4 Keepsake pet memorial box

dog memorial gift box as a keepsake for pets


These are a physical representation of our love and a heartfelt way to pay tribute to a pet's life.

5 Cushion cover

dog print on cushion cover or pillow case

Cushion covers are a fun way to add your personal touches to a room.

6 Personalised pet picture note book

custom pet portrait printed onto a personalised notebook

Personalised notebooks are an extension of your identity and imagination.

7 Welcome mat or a pet bowl mat

prints of dogs on a personalised door mat

What a lovely, amusing or stylish first impression these can be for your home. 

8 Digital pet portraits screen saver

digital dog print used as a screen saver on phone, tablet and watch

When you love the co-ordinated look...and you can never have too many pictures of your pets!

9 Dog prints on blanket or a towel

colourful digital pet portrait printed onto dog blanket or dog towel

So much fun - whether it's a towel for drying your dog after a rainy walk or a way to personalise your home.

Ready to make your own lasting memory with a digital pet portrait?

All you need to do is upload your favourite photo through the design you've chosen and I will create a truly bespoke, personalised dog picture or digital cat portrait as a high resolution jpeg file that you can use whenever and wherever you want to.