About Oh So Portraits

Jackie Robinson


Hi! I'm Jackie, the face behind Oh So Portraits, as well as wife, mum, dog lover, crazy cat lady, MASSIVE chocoholic (I have a fondness for wine too!), amateur photographer and last but not least, a graphic designer.

5 other things I think you should know about me:

  • I do these pet pictures because I think they're a beautiful and unusual way to show off a cherished furry friend - whether it's a gift for a special occasion, a thoughtful pet memorial picture or an awesome treat for yourself!
  • I don't do average | ordinary | 2nd rate. I'm a bit of a perfectionist and I can get hung up over the smallest detail. I've been known to order reprints if I'm not happy with something. I'm also a tad obsessive about replying to emails, keeping you up-to-date and making sure you are completely satisfied with the end result.
  • I won't tell you porkies - I will always be upfront with you.
  • I am very good at making your pets look really good. (That may be why I am often asked if a photoshoot is needed first.) However, the better the original image is - sharp, well exposed and a great pose, the better the end result. But don't be put off if you think your photos aren't up to scratch, I can make a 'so-so' image, even a bad one sometimes, look pretty good but please get in touch if you're not sure.
  • I love what I do! 

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