5 pet memorial gifts to commemorate a lost loved one

Our four-legged friends leave an indelible mark on our lives and pet memorial gifts are a great way to preserve, in a tangible way, those precious memories of their life with us.

Pet loss gifts show those close to you, who've lost theirs, that you care.

If this is for yourself then the process of creating your own pet keepsake can be incredibly therapeutic. It's a heartfelt way of showing your love for them, celebrating very special memories and giving comfort during your time of grief and loss.

Some of you will choose a memory box that can hold your pet's collar, favourite toy and photos. Or a piece of bespoke jewellery incorporating some of your pet's ashes.

Me, I will always choose something that shows my furry family in all their adorable, goofy glory and that means pictures, pictures, everywhere.

A heartfelt pet print

3 examples of pet memento prints with dogs inside cutout heart shape and personal words underneath


Creating a dog memory gift or a cat bereavement gift is a very personal gesture that recognises the impact a pet made to someone's life. My designs are a thoughtful, touching and distinctive way to show off and celebrate their gorgeous faces and capture their character.

Because of the feelings behind it, gifts for a dog that's passed away or a cat that's being greatly mourned will always be a much cherished tribute.

If you'd like to start your own unique pet portrait simply select 4 or 5 of your best photos (check out my guide if you're not sure what will work - https://www.ohsoportraits.co.uk/blogs/news/pet-portraits-from-photos ) and upload here https://www.ohsoportraits.co.uk/collections/heartfelt-pet-prints, adding their name, and a background colour if you know what you want (but don't worry if you don't) and let me do the rest. If there are any issues with your pictures I will get in touch. You'll receive an email with your proof to approve within a couple of days and nothing is printed until you're 100% happy.


A personalised pet print

These letter prints can be customised with your own choice of wording, allowing you to show completely their personality in both images and words.

Popular choices for these bereavement gifts for pets are love, (much) loved, smile, soul, RIP, best, or their name/nickname if not more than 5 letters.

Something as special as this is a wonderful legacy to the joy they brought into peoples' lives.

keepsakes for pets dog print


black framed memorial letter print of a dog posing inside the letters of her name

A pet portrait from photos

Sadly, many of us don't get around to having a pet portrait done until it's too late. I am guilty of this with my heart dog, Bess! But you can have a beautiful pet portrait made using photos from happier times. Most illustrators and artists work from photographs so you just need to find a style that you love and get in touch with the artist.

I offer a range of options that reflect all sorts of personalities - from an endearing Peeking Picture to the elegant and powerful memorial created by a Moon design.

before and after showing a phone photo turned into a peeking picture pet portrait

set of three peeking pictures created as a memento of the family dog 

black labrador in cutout moon shape as a personalised pet memorial print

fluffy cat lying inside a cutout letter design with it's paw prints and dates underneath

A pet photo gift

When our pets leave us and cross the Rainbow Bridge our photos become a beautifully visual way to reminisce, bringing many grieving pet parents a lot of comfort.

There are so many ways you can turn these photos into memorial gifts, from photo cushions to phone cases.

personalised iphone case with a memorial picture of 3 deceased boxer dogs

Starting with an exclusive digital pet portrait ensures your gift goes the extra mile and truly captures the essence of a pet who's passed. Even better, alongside your photo gift you can surprise your loved one the digital prints too to keep and treasure for a lifetime.

digital pet pictures


Learn how to pick the right pet photo for your gift here.


The gift of choice

pet print gift vouchers

Choosing the right thing for a grieving loved one can feel overwhelming, especially if it's a photo gift. Or perhaps you're struggling to get hold of the right images without the recipient finding out. As an alternative I offer gift vouchers that allows you to show you care whilst giving your loved one the gift of choice.

If a pet memento gift voucher is the perfect solution for you then there are a few choices. If there isn't a price option there that suits please do get in touch and I can send you one that is right for you.


Thank you reading and if there's any questions you'd like to ask don't hesitate to drop me a line.