Image Quality

The quality of your photographs has a big impact on the end result and can be the difference between a good pet picture and an awesome pet print. Please read these instructions to avoid any disappointment:

For the best possible results we recommend the following guidelines


  • Images supplied need to be sharp, particularly the eyes and the best camera angle is at eye level to the subject.
  • Photographs taken outdoors on cloudy days / in window light are the best (avoid strong shadows on your subject, for example, when photographed in direct, harsh sunlight).
  • If possible avoid images taken in artificial light or next to a TV because both of these puts an unattractive colour cast over the subject.
  • Avoid photos taken with flash because this gives a more unnatural, sometimes startled, look.
  • Photos with anything in front of the subject, like grass, twigs, hands etc. can't be used (although some retouching may be possible).
  • Supply your photos in colour and without any in-camera / special effects applied to the picture.
  • Be aware that everyone's photographic device or computer/ipad monitor will display colours slightly differently, so allow for some variation in the finished product.
  • Please supply as RGB JPEG (JPG) image file with a¬†minimum file size of 1mb, maximum file size for each image of 100mb. For best results set your camera to save image at highest quality JPEG setting.