black wood picture frame on a table top of a cute red dachshund on a pale yellow background. designed so she is looking out of a 3D cutout effect letter W that is the first letter of her name. her full name is also written in a sophisticated font underneath the W
Unusual cat portrait of a maine coon cat looking out of the first letter of her name. The paper cut out design creates a realistic 3D effect.
Lady hanging an Oh So framed pet picture on a modern looking wall
Collie dog leaping through the letters of its name in a paper cut out design giving a 3d effect
black wood framed picture of an apricot coloured cockapoo sitting inside the letter O on a burgundy red background
bright yellow cutout letter design with a dog sitting within the H and in a black frame that has been photographed through a vase of  summer flowers
typeface detail on these personalised pictures
close up of paper texture on luxury print
black french bulldog looking out of the letter F which has a 3D cutout effect
Pets in Letters Framed
Pets in Letters Framed
black wood frame corner detail
white wood picture frame corner detail
Pets in Letters Framed
Pets in Letters Framed
Pets in Letters Framed

Pets in Letters Framed

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These unique, unusual and beautifully framed, personalised prints make great gifts for animal lovers.

You can choose either a white or black, textured, wooden frame with styrene glazing (making it safe and lightweight). A great option if you want to avoid the fuss of finding one yourself.

If you are unsure what background colour will work best, or have a specific colour in mind, please contact us.

You are sent a digital proof for approval before anything is printed.

All prints are 12" x 8" (A4). Larger sizes are available on request but will depend on the size and quality of the images supplied. Click on link below for more information and sizes.

Price includes 2nd class postage to mainland UK addresses.

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